Over 14.4 m words spoken on TV, but the market's going nowhere!

Since September 30, 2009, the Sensex has lost -0.05%. If you add back the benefits of dividends, then the BSE 30 Total Return Index has gained +0.11%. The NSE 50 has hardly been nifty. It has been boring and dull. The NSE 50 gained +0.77% since September 30, 2009, on a total return basis. Not that the world markets have done much better: the MSCI All Country World Index has gained +0.10%. There is inaction in all this action. All this lack of action is particularly disturbing to two sets of people:

Those who watch stock market TV channels and trade on every sound-byte they hear; and Those who have to fill up all that empty space with words that don't seem to have any impact on the stock markets.


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