Which bubble would now keep America hooked again?

More than in stock markets, there is a bubble in the orchestrated positive spin on economic data. There is a dangerous agenda behind it.

We have to start with the US, the mother ship for all of this. Almost all the recent data has been spun positively by a pliant media. Headline factory orders were slightly better. That was trumpeted. The sizeable downward revision to figures for previous months did not find any mention.

Continuous claims for unemployment benefits dropped. Continuous claims refers to the number of people who continue to claim unemployment insurance. What is suppressed is the fact that once claimants withdraw their maximum entitlement from the unemployment insurance fund, they drop out of the continuous claims roll. That a drop in continuous claims is inconsistent with a lengthening of the duration of unemployment (the number of weeks someone remains unemployed after losing a job) eludes the spin masters.

Click here for the full story.

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