Did you make money or create wealth?

The recent equity market rally has caught a lot of people by surprise, whether they are investors, brokers, or seasoned fund managers. In fact, many have dismissed this rally as not sustainable, while reasoning why they weren’t able to catch the trend early on. In a short span of a couple of months, markets globally have witnessed a surge of 30-50 per cent. Indian markets too have witnessed a sharp rally having risen over 40 per cent post March.

While a lot has been written about how much would have an investor gained had he/ she invested in the best performing stocks in the last two months, the question is: how prudent was the investor?

Given the global financial turmoil, would anyone have risked investing huge monies in the equity markets in the last couple of months? Leave the hindsight for a moment, just go back to the environment in March and ask yourself if it was a good time to risk a new investment? You would probably not be alone in saying you saw no rational reason in doing so.

Even, if for a moment, one were to assume that someone had the courage to invest a lump sum (not more than Rs. 10,000 – 20,000) in one shot, around early May? An investment of Rs. 10,000 in the BSE Sensex in March would have fetched 50 per cent returns, and the investment would have grown to Rs. 15,000 today.

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