Seth Klarman Letters (1995-2001)

The Letters written by Mr. Seth Klarman to his clients at The Baupost Group  from 1995 to 2001 is available here.

Courtesy: Noise-Free Investing

Baupost Fund Letters Baupost Fund Letters todd sullivan

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3 Responses to Seth Klarman Letters (1995-2001)

  1. Abhay Munot says:


    I have been following your website since last one year and I am quite impressed by the useful & unique (blend of famous US & Indian Investors) that you put out on this website. I follow several blogs from other Indian investors but most of them have more noise than substance. I am also curious why you don’t provide any information about yourselves on the website.


  2. Ashish Pandey says:

    Hi Toughiee,

    I have been searching for these letters for long, couldn’t get them, thanks a ton buddy!!!

    Do you also have letters of Mohnish Pabrai?


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