Random Readings

  • Where is the bottom?
    The stock market’s massive fall has been swift, sharp and painful. Experts believe there’s going to be more pain before it settles down. Yet, predicting its bottom is like catching a falling knife.
  • Getting real about real estate
    “Buy land, they are not making it any more,” said Mark Twain a long time ago, surely not in India or anywhere else for that matter. But the asset bubble seems to have burst.
  • Stop Worrying, and Learn to Love the Bear
    That which does not kill investors makes them stronger. And painstaking investors — literally, those who can take the pain of a bear market that seems to drop another 1% every day — will ultimately triumph, by patiently amassing greater and greater equity positions at better and better prices.
  • The Price of Growth
    India is slowly becoming a high-cost economy, which translates into industrial emigration, job losses and falling competitiveness.
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