Weekend Reading

  • Value Investors Only Care About Bear Markets

    A value-oriented investment approach in the style of Graham and Buffett does not focus on bull market performance. In fact, by definition, true value investing always focuses on weathering the bear market storms and coming out relatively unscathed.

  • Most overpriced real estate markets

    They’re culture-rich and scenically stunning. But invest in a home in any of these 10 cities and your balance sheet might take a beating.

  • Stocks of brokerages catch investors’ fancy

    Betting on new product offerings, spread of online broking

  • Worst seems to be over, for the time being: Raamdeo Agarwal

    Raamdeo Agarwal of Motilal Oswal feels that we have seen the worst of the correction and the worst seems to be over, at least for the time being. He adds that there has been an improvement in both the factors that led to the markets’ dismal performance.

  • Stockmarkets: Beauty Or The Beast

    Debates surrounding which stockmarket index is better do not include a discussion about their quality

  • Prepare for an awesome autumn

    Those blinded by the summer correction into believing bad times and a bear market are ahead will miss this autumn’s rally. Don’t be among them. The correction could last a bit longer – and many do a W-like-bottom, bringing a whole additional roller-coaster ride before the rally. But there is a good up-move coming.

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  1. effi says:

    How the price discovery of stocks calculated.On which parameters it depends.

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