Random Readings

  • The hitchhiker’s guide to mega bucks

    Egrets fly from one bank of a river to the other, in search of prey. But sometimes, even they opt for a free ride across the riverbed, sitting on the back of a submerged hippo. Wildlife enthusiasts may be familiar with this scene. However, the phenomenon of ‘riding on the hippo’s back’ need not be limited only to the nature’s galleria. After all, who doesn’t want to generate some gains from the hard work of others…?

  • The magic potion revealed

    Banking, capital goods, media and fertiliser stocks will do well in future, while IT, auto and real estate sectors may see a slowdown.

  • Don’t worry, look at the brighter side

    As the dark clouds of the US sub-prime crisis and yen carry trade gather over the horizon, the silver lining will come from select emerging markets like India.

  • Home Safe Home

    Stocks may plunge because of the crisis in global markets and political moves back home. But the India growth story is still tenable and promises gains for the patient investor.

  • Ignorance is not bliss

    The discounted cash flow is not an effective valuation tool for commodity (capital-intensive) industries.

  • Indian markets have outperform EMs: HSBC

    Read HSBC Global Research’s report on how Indian markets have performed against other EM benchmarks in the current correction, in contrast to previous episodes.

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