The Futility of Market Forecast

by Toughiee

Is it worth listening to market forecasters?

Predicting markets is a favorite pastime for many people. But, in this report, it is proved that listening to market forecasters especially those who appear on business news channels is a futile exercise.

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6 Responses to The Futility of Market Forecast

  1. Ranjit kumar says:

    Hi toughiee,Nice report. I wonder if the business channels track the recommendations of these advisors, they will have a hard time entertaining gullible public.RegardsRanjit kumar

  2. Ketan says:

    The question that needs to be answered is that if the people who do market forecasting are wrong.. then whom to listen.. and how a small retail investor gets maximum out of marktes without extensive study or analysis…

  3. toughiee says:

    Listen to your self !!

  4. Ranjit kumar says:

    Hi ketan,Why do you think that a free lunch should be given to the so called “small retail investor”. Returns are not generated without sincere efforts. Everybody should get what they deserve and the market is the best place i know which gives you only what you deserve.Your comments look similar to “He is a poor man give him a lottery”. The system doesnt work like that.


    Hi toughiee,1.Frankly,I have been observing the technical analysis of this short JM Morgan’s guy on CNBC.2.You missed one point in ur report,before he predicted 11000,one week before that he predicted 15000.Its better the CNBC people show the video clipping to him again.It total shame.3.Above is the story of technical guy,there is a fundamental guy called shankar sharma of First Global,who predicted a sensex target 10000 and changed his stance just after one week to 15000 target.Today on CNBC rather he told —“I am not a big fan of ranges because people talk of ranges between 10,000-14,000 that is plain ridiculous. It is a 40% range and stocks can go up 50-100% or tank 40% in the same period. At this stage our fairly optimistic stance on the market about a month-and-a-half back has to be tempered.”.See how he changing the colors in just 2 months ,even in weeks.4.These are just examples.The retail and small invester loose a lot of money,by following these misleading statements.I can even compile the (wrong 99.99% of them) cases of predictions

  6. Ajay says:

    Hi I think key is to understand that this market is filled with 99% of the guys who are having a very short term horizon and these guys are basically there in market to loose money and also pay huge commision money and also provide liquidity to others. Are they any different than the addicted gamblers!

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