A tale of two corrections

Just a week ago, we were comparing the two peaks the markets hit this year — in May and in December. It is not really surprising that we are now comparing two market corrections. After all, ‘What goes up, must come down’.

But there is a big difference between the recent correction and all the other previous market crashes during the present bull run beginning in early 2003. The market falls in May 2004, April 2005, October 2005 and in May this year all had global triggers, such as rising interest rates in the US or fears of global inflation.

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  • Buy stocks like you buy your groceries, not like you buy your perfume. – Warren Buffett
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2 Responses to A tale of two corrections

  1. Anonymous says:

    Reports are disabled by google. Can you published in some other website.Thanks,Sushil

  2. Pramod says:

    Toughiee the links do not work.Can u look into the problem.Thanks in Advance

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