The lure of the mid-caps

by Dhirendra Kumar – FE

Mid cap funds are the haute couture of the Indian mutual fund industry. They are hot, in vogue, and ardently sought after, and, not without reason.

Of course, if you are still in awe of the Sensex’s rise over the past few years, you have completely overlooked the pulse of the market – the spectacular rise of mid-cap stocks. With the BSE Midcap’s annualised return of 45% during the past four years, the Sensex return of 40% is pale in comparison. Mid-caps finally have their place in the sun with almost every fund house having a dedicated mid-cap fund.

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One Response to The lure of the mid-caps

  1. Anonymous says:

    Midcaps or Madcaps.The debate will go on.While analysts are busy debating on Business channels savvy investors are making money .-cdrin

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