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Rakesh Jhunjhunwala: A Compilation

Please Note: A blog version of this page is available here ( This page will NOT be updated. Please visit the above mentioned site for updated posts. — Toughiee Founder & Editor, Value-Stock-Plus blog August 18, 2007 The following … Continue reading

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Money matters: Rules of the game!

Financial ignorance is a costly affair. Not paying taxes on money because you did not think you had to, or you forgot you earned it, is a great excuse! Right behind that is the excuse that taxes are illegal. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Capital goods: Look before you leap!

Growth in user industries like power, construction, refining, textiles, automobiles, and other manufacturing, has led to strong performance by the Indian capital goods and heavy industries companies in the past 2-3 years. Apart from creating sufficient domestic supplies, the growth … Continue reading

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What’s the correlation between money and happiness?

A must read!!. – Ed. Beyond a point, more money does not lead to more happiness, says survey, says Jay MacDonald Wise men from Aristotle to The Beatles have observed that money can’t buy happiness, but what inquiring minds really … Continue reading

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Rakesh Jhunjhunwala: The Punter’s Favourite

More than any stock pick, daughter Nishtha gets Jhunjhunwala’s undivided attention these days. Born after 18 years of marriage, her arrival has changed his outlook to life, says Priya Singh. Housewives in surburban Andheri, hooked to the stockmarket ticker, swoon … Continue reading

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Stockmarkets: Where to from here?

The BSE Sensex has had an exciting run since the month of May this year. That is, of course, if volatility is something that excites you! In May, the benchmark index hit it’s all-time high levels of around 12,671, and … Continue reading

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Run down on 'capex-led' growth!

Abundant cash flows, burgeoning demand for products, need for economies of scale and easy availability of capital, prompted Indian corporates to go on a capex binge over the last couple of years. Resultantly, we found many companies including ‘capex-led growth’ … Continue reading

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