Who are you?

Source: Equitymaster.com

In India, a democratic country that believes in freedom of speech, every Indian citizen has a view. And when it comes to stock markets, it is often very difficult to change the perception. As someone rightly said, there is nothing called long-term investor and short-term investor, but there are informed investors and uninformed investors. We believe that there is one more class, apart from these set of investors. The trader or punter or the sattawalla.

Can you spot YOU?


My view on…
Stock market is An efficient platform Scams Casino
Equities are Better investment avenue Very risky Fast money
Risk profile is Moderate What is the risk? Who cares?
Return expectations is Moderate If it works, it works minimum 100%, in one month
Investment horizon is 3 to 5 years Short-term works Less than 1 day
Buying strategy Regular investor when market is close to peak What strategy?
Fundamental analysis Works Makes sense, but… Who cares? What is the target price?
Company management Extremely important Indifferent Does not matter
Technical analysis Not my cup of tea Seem to work at times What is the target price?
Research Report is A balanced scorecard What is the target price? What is the stop loss?
Stock price reflects Growth prospects Not so clear Don’t care
A broking firm is the one that Does what I say Knows in and out of markets Gives tips
Media/Newspapers are Used as updates Experts in equities Source for tips
Harshad Mehta/Ketan Parekh Unlikely role models Made money The Gurus
Rumour mill Doesn’t get swayed Easily swayed Fast cash

Before investing a single penny in stocks, just identify ‘Who am I’? The rest should not be difficult.

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