India – Overheating concerns seem overdone: Credit-Suisse

We forecast that GDP in India will grow by 8.1% in FY05/06 and 8.5% in FY06/07 versus consensus forecasts of 7.5% and 7.3%, respectively. Our viewon India is more optimistic than the market’s in large part because we do not see the constraints on growth many in the market fear.
In particular:
• We judge India’s current account deficit to be sustainable and not a constraint on growth. The most recent trade data suggest that the rapid deterioration in the trade deficit since H1 2004 is stabilizing. Portfolio flows only account for 35% of total capital flows and one of the main determinants is GDP growth. We expect the balance of payments to improve in FY06/07. We are revising our USD/INR forecast to 43-43.5 from 44.5 by end-2006.
• Our analysis suggests that the central bank (RBI) will be able to manage liquidity conditions over the next three to six months to prevent a credit crunch. This is despite credit growth of over 30% year on year compared to 18% yoy deposit growth. Fiscal and monetary policy tools on the part of the state governments and central bank are available to inject liquidity in the next three to six months.
Click here to download the report
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